We help clients with the leasing, purchase and sale of all types of real property, regardless of industry sector, and provide customized services to meet the objectives of our client as well as prevent costly and time-consuming issues from arising.

With litigation and transactional expertise as well as practical knowledge of the real estate market, from the beginning, we are able to assess risk, define issues and conduct negotiations to create a favorable position for our clients who include, among others: brokers; contracting firms; developers; homeowners; investors; owners or lessees of commercial, industrial, office and retail property; property managers; purchasers; and, sellers.

Throughout the real estate transaction, the assistance, counsel and guidance we provide to our clients help to protect their interests and gives an understanding of the business, legal and tax implications inherent in: acquisitions and sales; condominium development and conversions; construction; development; investment; landlord and tenant; leasing; lending; loan work-outs; management; operations; ownership and transfers of ownership; and, short-sales.

Our understanding of our clients’ concerns and unique perspective to reframing lend to our ability to find creative, efficient solutions to their real estate problems and bringing them to a successful close. For example, high property taxes increased the marketing time and caused unreasonable offers to be submitted for the sale of an automobile showroom building in DuPage County. After developing property specific strategies and securing a $332,553 reduction in taxable market value, the property was sold and the owner’s goals were met.