Cook County Assessor's RPIE Tool for 2021

The Cook County Assessor has begun mailing an invitation to taxpayers to provide their property’s income and expense data directly to the Assessor’s office. The main difference from 2020’s request is that the Assessor wants information regarding what impact COVID-19 has had on the property for the 2021 tax year, for property taxes payable in the 2022 calendar year.

You should not volunteer your property’s financial information and operational data directly to the Assessor’s office.

The data that you provide via the Assessor’s RPIE tool will be without any context and could result in a higher tax assessment of your property. Further, when coupled with the inconsistent and outdated information contained in the “…many professional third-party sources of data” used by the Assessor’s analysts, your data can be used against you now and in the future.

Choosing not to submit data in the Assessor’s RPIE tool will neither impact your ability to appeal nor your appeal of your property’s tax assessment.

Providing RPIE related information as part of a customized tax appeal by our firm will provide the proper context of your data, assist County’s understanding of the specific challenges facing your property and be instrumental in a fair tax assessment of your property.

Contact us with any questions about the Assessor’s RPIE request or your property’s tax assessment.

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