Our aggressive, methodical approaches to arbitration, litigation and transactional matters can be highlighted by the following results:

Our technical and tactical proficiency in alternative dispute resolution and litigation fora ensure that not only are a client’s needs met but the multitude of complexities inherent in commercial disputes, property damage claims, insurance coverage disputes and real estate closings are overcome. Specific areas of our industry experience include real estate tax appeals, with the following results:

Property Damage Claim and Insurance Claim Disputes

  • Having handled many real property insurance coverage disputes, we have achieved an average increase of 72.09% of the policyholders' net claims by holding the insurance company to its contractual obligation and rebuking its bad faith behavior.


  • By protesting alleged erroneous homestead exemptions and Notices of Intent to Lien by the Cook County Assessor, we have secured findings of non-liability for principal, interest and penalties in excess of $232,500 for our clients.

Real Estate Closings

  • By tactfully navigating a title claim, we were able to complete a neighborhood strip center closing within the contract's original deadlines. In summary, the mortgage was recorded in 2006, made to a bank that failed in 2010, was not raise as an exception by two different title companies in transactions occurring in 2011 and 2012, and one of the settlement agents subsequently ceased operations. Only after challenging the underwriters positions and documenting their chain of reliance on prior policies was the letter of indemnity issued and 2006 mortgage exception waived.

Real Estate Tax Assessment and Valuation Appeals

  • By studying valuation methodologies and realities of the marketplace, we are able to show the respective assessing authorities a property’s overvaluation and negotiate fair property taxes for our clients.


in Total Property Tax Savings and Tax Refunds to Date.




Commercial / Industrial


Multi-Family / Mixed-Use