Dimitrios P. Trivizas

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Why Pick Us?

  • Even though filing an appeal is intricate, the assessing authorities allow for multiple grounds to be argued and we capitalize on the opportunity to utilize all available points of data for a robust presentation to secure a reduction of property tax burdens.
  • In order to show the assessing authorities a property’s overvaluation and thereby negotiate fair property taxes, you have to present before them, administratively or otherwise.
  • Given the fact that the real estate market is continually changing, we work for our clients’ interests in all years of an assessment period ensuring nothing of merit is skipped rather than cherry-picking the first year of a reassessment period.
  • Drawing from practical as well as litigation experience on a broad spectrum of real estate matters, we provide both preventative and remedial actions in support of tax planning services regardless of the complexity, intent, purpose or type of property.


Other Property Tax Firms

  • Tout a reputation of aggressive as well as creative appeals but present a singular argument grounded in a limited approach.
  • Do not truly achieve fairness of a tax assessment as they do not exhaust all administrative remedies in their advocacy.
  • Overuse of cookie-cutter templates that are minimally acceptable to the assessing authorities.
  • Complacency with results only in the first year of the assessment cycle.
  • Lack of experience in dealing with real property as an asset and thus fail to understand the nuances of dealing with assessment appeals.