Cook County Property Tax Appeal Season 2018

It is property tax appeal season in Cook County. If you own or lease commercial, residential and/or investment property anywhere in the City of Chicago or Cook County, don’t overlook your property tax assessment notice. The Assessor has begun preparing property tax valuations for the 2018 tax year and the anticipated mailing dates for your township’s assessment notices can be found here:

Because property taxes represent the most significant operating or ownership costs facing businesses and individuals today, knowing the deadlines to appeal a property’s valuation is of critical importance. Along these lines, we note the following, reassessment notice dates for Chicago townships, where the deadline to file tax appeals before the Assessor’s Office is 30 days from the mailing date:

  • Rogers Park – 4/23/18 
  • Lake View – 5/7/18
  • Hyde Park – 6/18/18
  • Jefferson – 7/5/18
  • Lake – 7/27/18
  • West Chicago – 8/24/18
  • North Chicago – 9/14/18
  • South Chicago – 10/5/18

It is crucial not to miss your deadline nor any opportunity to appeal, or you could be stuck paying high property taxes on an overvalued property for 2018, with no chance to rectify the situation until 2019 and facing crushing burdens throughout the year as reported by the Chicago Tribune –

Given the challenge of re-valuing all properties in the City of Chicago and Cook County, it can be difficult for the Assessor to fully understand specific challenges facing your property since his office has limited ability to make special considerations for the property’s unique aspects. Therefore, property owners and tenants should start preparing now and promptly review any change in their property’s 2018 assessed value upon receipt of the assessment notice from the Assessor’s Office.

Dimitrios P. Trivizas, Ltd., has successfully filed tax appeals, negotiated settlements and litigated tax appeals on a variety of properties ensuring real property tax savings and tax refunds for property owners and tenants across Cook County and throughout the City of Chicago.


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